There are many ways in which I can help you to deliver high quality teaching and learning in your school. I can provide for you a wide-ranging menu of advice, consultancy, support and in-service training. Some of the possibilities are listed below but I will always be happy to discuss specific  requirements and put together a package which is tailored to your individual requirements. I am always happy to work alongside teachers in the classroom or even to lead the lesson as a way of demonstrating a particular approach to the curriculum.

  • Learning Technology Needs Analysis
    A fantastic tool developed to carry out a complete audit of your institutions ICT capabaility. It assesses all aspects of your ICt use – business systems, curriculum , hardware, software, printing costs, value for money, preparedness for curriculum change and lots more besides.
  • Programming and Coding
    I can offer a wide range of sessions for both staff and pupils around this new aspect of the curriculum. Whether it be getting started with computerless computing, using programmable toys, app-based programming, working with Scratch or getting to grips with Kodu, I can help your young learners become excited about working with code.
  • Parental Engagement
    I have recently been working with schools in South Wales to develop ways to use technology to include parents in their children’s learning.
  • Using ICT to develop creative approaches to the curriculum
    ICT has the potential to put creativity at the heart of your school’s curriculum
  • Digital Storytelling
    An exciting approach to communication which uses images, text, video and music to create engaging and entertaining short films. A truly cross-curricular tool
  • Planning, designing and building your school web site
    I can assist you with the entire process of preparing your materials, building your site, accessing your web space and developing strategies to manage your site in the longer term.
  • Getting the most from your ICT budget
    Advice on deploying and using ICT equipment including the use of interactive and     presentation technologies, such as PDAs, whiteboards, camcorders, student response systems etc. Interactive whiteboards are becoming a familiar feature in many classrooms but are you aware of the many other technologies now available?
  • Using digital video in the classroom to create and deliver media-rich content
    Watch your students become film producers or become one yourself
  • Advice on doing ICT for free
    There is a vast range of high-quality free software available which can be used by teachers and children in school and at home. I can help you and your pupils get the best from these excellent packages.
  • ICT evenings for parents
    Like to bring your parents up to speed regarding ICT? I run evenings to give parents an overview of what ICT in is all about and show them how they can help their children at home
  • Using the British Pathe Film Archive
    Learn how to make the most of this outstanding, free, resource. Find out how to access the site, download clips and stills, edit and repurpose the clips for use in your own subject
  • Using ICT to inspire children’s writing
    I have been working with a number of schools to develop exciting new ways to inspire children, and particularly boys, to write. Using a number of online projects such as Myths and Legends and Making The News can excite and engage both gifted pupils and those who find standard methods of communication less accessible
  • Making the most of your Broadband connection
    What is your Broadband connection giving you apart from faster internet? I can introduce you to technologies such as video-conferencing and podcasting and help you develop opportunities to embed them in your curriculum.
  • Stop-frame animation
    Like to become the next Nick Park?  Would you like to discover the skills of stop-frame     animation? This easy to-use technology has many applications across the curriculum and will engage pupils of all ages and abilities
  • Virtual Learning Environments & Learning Platforms
    I can assist you in choosing the most suitable platform, offer training in its use and help you place it at the heart of your learning community.

Please contact Brendan to discuss any of the above areas for training or to propose other areas for developemnt which he can assist you with.